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Are you a bad enough dude to get into The Club? Fuck around and find out, in Berlin Club Simulator. Get dressed, make your way to the club, and pray to God that the bouncer lets you in!

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ NOTE: You have to download it through the official Itch.io app on Mac or your computer won't let you run the file. Sorry. ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ 


  • PERMADEATH. You lose, you start over!
  • ORIGINAL MUSIC from famous DJ and composer Nathan Micay
  • RAVE ZEBRAS. Quit horsin' around and get into The Club!
  • PARTY GHOST. He's dying to meet you!
  • DJ PENGUIN rockin' the main room

Art, code, design, idea, concept, writing, and everything else by me, Lucas Mathis. Main theme and main room music by Nathan Micay.

Author's note: CONSIDER THIS A BETA VERSION. I have only tested it on my 6-year-old Macbook Air and while it "works on my machine" I can't speak for yours. If anything is broke, let me know on Twitter and I'll try to fix it. 

This is my first video game ever! In the time since I started it, I completed one game jam, but this was my first complete project. I learned game dev, 3D modeling, texturing, and the Godot engine all for the first time when working on this. As such, it's not so much "fun" as a cute intro project that taught me a lot of things that might be useful in making a fun game in the future. I'm releasing it mainly so I can say it's done and I can get started on something else!


BerlinClubSim.dmg 117 MB

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